Web scraping 101 without Python

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“I tried to code a web crawler with python, JAVA, or C ++, and I just kept using the GET and POST methods of HTTP protocol and then split the string. I have to modify the program every time the website updates. I was lucky to find Octoparse, and it made my work become simple.” – Sam 


It allows you to extract structured data without needing to write any code. You simply browse to a website and tell Octoparse what data you want to crawl in that web page other need like setting pagination or entering the details page. Octoparse will learn to extract data through algorithms.

You can also store the data in Octoparse cloud servers, or download the data extract to your computer, even post it to the website, or save into your own database. You can collect data in your own PC, or in our cloud servers to speed up the extraction process. Octoparse enables you to generate API, so that data can be transmitted to your APP or system through API. You can also choose to upload data to third-party analysis and visualization software for data analysis and data mining.

Octoparse’s mission is to make web data collection easier so that we can pay more attention to the business itself, rather than the tedious data collection. We work with dozens of universities, and many college students are using our products to collect data on the webpage to create more valuable work.

Before web scraping tools, only people with programmer background could capture data on web pages. They are highly skilled at using python, JAVA, C ++, and so on. Now, you don’t need to learn these skills.  Just tell Octoparse what you want to do, including extracting data on web pages, setting pagination, clicking on the link , scrolling automatically, and waiting for AJAX load request to be done, and so on.

It’s cool, right? I think you were tempted to try Octoparse. If you need more information about advanced features, please contact us via Facebook or email: support@octoparse.com. I ensure you that Octoparse will change the way we live and work , and thus enable us to work more efficiently.  

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