Reddit Scraper: Extract Reddit Data Easily and Quickly

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Reddit is a widely used online discussion forum where people talk about almost all matters and topics. No matter whatever your topic of interest is, you are going to find a subreddit related to it. That is to say, Reddit is a great platform for collecting social data.

So, if you are into social research, internet marketing, or any other related field, scraping Reddit can be a great source of getting data for research, analysis, reference, and other purposes. This article will help you learn about the best Reddit scraper to extract Reddit data easily and quickly.

Does Reddit Allow Scraping

Reddit allows using the publicly available data through the official Reddit API. It allows the developers to interact with the site in an array of useful ways though with several limitations and restrictions.

To use Reddit API, you need to be authenticated, and for commercial use of API special authorization is needed. Moreover, developers would be required to register and get the token for using the official API and that too, as per the rules laid out by the site.

You can even use web scraping tools for extracting data from Reddit and other sites without any worries as they are not illegal to use. Just ensure that you meet the guidelines and the rules set by the site.

Best Web Scraper for Reddit Without Coding

As discussed in the above part of the topic, using the official API of Reddit for data scraping has a lot of restrictions and the type of data that can be extracted is also limited. Here we will introduce an easy-to-use web scraper tool to help you scrape Reddit data without coding effortlessly.

Octoparse is a tool based on both Windows and Mac systems to extract data automatically from websites like Reddit. The process of data scraping is simple, and you can quickly get the data including group name, title, article, author, etc. It also supports cloud extraction so that you can avoid IP blocking. There is also an option for scheduled extraction where a specific time can be set for data scraping. The final scraped Reddit data can be downloaded as an Excel file or exported to your database.

scrape reddit with Octoparse

Steps to scrape Reddit data using Octoparse

First, launch Octoparse after you have downloaded and installed it on your device. Paste the copied Reddit link on the main interface and you’ll move to the auto-detect mode by default. Or you can go to Advanced Mode for more options.

Step 2: Create Workflow and customize the data field

Next, a workflow will be created after the quick auto- detection. You can set the scroll down which will let you load all the items on a page. Other customized options can also be made with several clicks.

Step 3: Extract data from Reddit

Once the previous steps are completed, it’s time to extract the data. Click on the Run button to start the scraping process. After a while, you can download the data as an Excel or CVS file.

If you need to check the detailed steps, you can move to the tutorial on how to scrape posts from Reddit.

Scrape Reddit Followers with Python

If you are good with coding then another way to scrape data from Reddit is by developing your scraper using Python, the advanced programming language. You can also get third-party libraries and frameworks that assist in creating scrapers and web crawlers.

To scrape Reddit data using Python, PRAW (Python Reddit API Wrapper) module is used that facilitates using the API of Reddit using the scripts of Python.

Steps to scrape Reddit with Python

Step 1. First of all, you would need to install PRAW and for this, you need to run the command line pip install praw at the command prompt.

Step 2. Next, for data extraction, a Reddit app has to be created. Choose the option of being a developer and creating an app.

Step 3. After the app is created, prawn instances have to be created which are of 2 types – read-only instance, and authorized instance.

Step 4. Depending on the type of data to be extracted, the command will be given. As the command is processed, data extraction will be done.

You can go to the page here for more details:

Final Words

We believe that the Reddit data scraping will surely help you collect information for your business. But ensure that you are using an efficient scraping tool so that all the needed data can be scrapped easily and safely. Moreover, the selected scraping tool should allow you to save the extracted data in multiple and easy-to-read formats.

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