Indeed Scraper: How to Scrape Indeed Job Postings Easily

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Indeed, is one of the top job sites where people across the globe look out for job postings in different sectors and companies. With job postings updated regularly on the site, the data is huge and if you wish to collect this data for creating a job board, comparison, market analysis, or any other purpose, doing it manually is practically impossible.

So, we’ll introduce the best Indeed scraper and other methods to scrape Indeed job posting data easily both coding and no-coding.

Does Indeed Allow Web Scraping

Yes, Indeed allows scraping where the job data from the site can be extracted using Indeed API. The data extracted can be used for Indeed analyzing data assessments. Though using Indeed API manual data extraction can be done, the process is not only time-consuming, and hassle, but also expensive. Here, a third-party data scraper works as a cost-effective and easier method to get the desired data from the site. But you should pay attention to avoiding personal data collection and illegal data usage.

Scrape Indeed Data Like Jobs, Salaries, and Company Reviews

Using a professional scraping tool allows quick data extraction from Indeed, we suggest Octoparse. The software works on both Windows and Mac systems. It allows extracting almost all needed data from Indeed like jobs, salaries, reviews of the companies, etc. You can also use the advanced functions with AJAX, XPath, infinite scrolling, pagination, Cloud service, IP rotation, etc. Or you can just use the auto-detection mode or the preset Indeed templates to finish the process almost automatically.

scrape job postings from Indeed with Octoparse

Steps for Indeed web scraping with Octoparse

Open Octoparse after you have downloaded and installed it on your device. Paste the link you need to scrape from Indeed to the main interface of Octoparse and proceed.

Step 2: Customize workflow with pagination

You’ll enter the auto-detect mode by default, you can cancel if you want to set the advanced mode. Anyway, create a workflow and you can set the pagination if you need to scrape multiple pages. Modify the XPath of each element if needed.

Step 3: Get job posting data from Indeed

Finally, click on the Run button to start scraping the Indeed data, and you can download the file in Excel or CSV format as you like. If you want to check the detailed steps, you can move to Octoparse Indeed Data Scraping Guide or watch the video tutorial below.

Indeed preset scraping template

You can also choose the preset data scraping templates from Octoparse. These scraping templates are designed for popular websites, and you can get data within a few clicks. For Indeed, you can extract job details like location, description, post time, etc. by URL listing or keyword. Launch Octoparse and find it from the Templates panel, or click on the online Indeed scraper below to have a try.


Scraping Indeed Job Postings with Python

Python is a versatile programming language that can be used for multiple tasks and if you are good with using the language and creating codes, Python can also be used for scraping Indeed job postings.

To extract Indeed data, we would use Beautiful Soup (bs4) which is a Python library for getting the data from HTML and XML files. Since the module is not built-in with Python, the below-given command will help in its installation.

pip install bs4

Next, for sending the HTTP/1.1, a request command is to be given

pip install requests

Next, comes the step for importing the requested modules and requesting the URL to get a response.

requests. Get (URL, args)

Next, convert the data into HTML code and then Parse the HTML content using bs4.

Syntax: soup = BeautifulSoup (r. content, ‘html5lib’)


r. content: It is the raw HTML content.
html.parser : Specifying the HTML parser we want to use.

Finally, the code has to be used for data extraction.

Now, you can get the job posting data from Indeed easily with the 2 methods above. One is using Octoparse without coding, and the other is using Python which asks for coding knowledge. No matter which one you choose, hope that your problem can be solved.

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