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Data Huge Impact on Advertising

Thursday, July 14, 2016


The World of Data

The world has been changed forever by the data revolution. There’ re more and more companies with critical reliance on data. Data’ s influences have spilled over into everyday life. And the data revolution is set to become even more personal. The fastest growing dataset of all is the one being created by you. Every time we call, text, search, travel, buy, we add to the data mountain. All told, it’s growing by 2.5million gigabytes every day.

The volume of it, the dynamic nature of the data is changing how we live our lives. And if you collect this information over millions of people, you can start to guess what they may be interested in next. All that data is valuable.


The World of Advertising

Instead of relying on customers seeing a billboard, it was now possible to beam the adverts directly to them. People start to look and think about all of the data if we collected enough about past behavior, could it be predictive in a way that would be useful for a business in terms of trying to connect to people? Many people wanted to mine this data to predict what people might want to buy, how to search through the vast amount of data we produce every day, to find the tiny signals of our consumer interest. Where you could capture the information, make sense of it and then turn around and create actions across hundreds of millions of people simultaneously.


The data analysts predicting what you might buy are creating a world of personalized advertising. They find hints of what people might want to buy, where and when you might buy it, even before they’d realized it themselves, They scans the billions of data we produce, quickly finding clues to what we might buy, then sends a personalized advert from one of their advertising clients. 



And advertising is just the start of exploiting our personal data mines. Big data is a new term, but it’s not a new thing. It’s usually hidden behind our live and hard to be noticed. Advertising is just a small part of big data. The internet and mobile internet are a vast ocean. More and more companies rely on data. Big data is verging on to dominate the themes, thoughts, and actions of marketing and advertising professionals in 2016. Sadly, if you’re not into big data, you’re not in the game.






Author: The Octoparse Team




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