Cloud-Based Web Scraping Technique – Get Real-Time Data

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Configuring a rule is just the beginning of website data scraping. You would find that there are always updates in most websites, for example, social networks, e-commerce websites, job-hunting websites and travel websites. And I bet you must want to periodically get the real-time data automatically and get noticed constantly once you configured a rule.

Cloud-based web scraping technique is nothing new. Most web scraping tools provide cloud services that enable you to achieve such goals. You just need to configure a rule and put it into the cloud scraping tool, and then the cloud scraping engine will try to understand the samples and give back all items with the same structure periodically. And then you could get the real-time data.

Why You Want to Get the Real-time Data

By getting the real-time data through cloud-based web scraping, you could better analyze and compare the data. Thus you can gain insights into your customers, competitors and market space or for other purposes. If you could fully use the extracted data to make strategies for your business, you would find some full impacts on web traffic, brand, SEO and revenue. Real impacts like:

  • Increased traffic and visitor engagement
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Higher SEO rankings
  • Increase of sales

How to Use Cloud-Based Web Scraping Technique

Octoparse also provides Cloud Extraction for web cloud scraping. It is very easy and convenient to use if you have a standard edition or professional edition. After configuring the rule and starting to run the task once, you could directly schedule the extraction time and then our cloud service could automatically run the task in the setting time.

There are different choices for you to schedule the extraction. You could set the start time and the end time. The data could be extracted weekly, monthly or just once. And you could also run the task at different times. Click “Start” and “Save”. Then the task will be executed in the scheduled time.

Ask for support @octoparse.com if you need any help!


Cloud-based web scraping techniques can help you increase your business by opening new revenue streams that were previously inaccessible if you know how to get and analyze real-time data.

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