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A Letter From one of Our User: Automatic Website Scraper

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Dear Octoparse Team,


I am very pleased to have the chance to recommend Octoparse to all of you. It's been nearly one year since I used Octoparse's  Cloud Service. 


It took me a considerable amount of work to write a program before using Octoparse. And my IP addresses were always block from some websites when I run the program. I had been looking for an automatic product which can crawl all the data I wanted on the webpages. I had tried some of them and I chose Octoparse at last. I used it to scrape web data from simple web pages and it was just amazing!


It may be a little difficult to get started with Octoparse initially, but no one is born into being an Octoparse user. It is well worth the time and effort that you spend on getting familiar with Octoparse. It's easy to learn because it simulates the way a human user would browse internet for information and interact with the web pages. Just click the content of the web page, drag actions into workflow, type or paste the text, and choose the features or options in Octoparse. Before running the extraction task, you need to check if the rule that you just configured works well, and Octoparse will collect the data automatically. Export Octoparse data to Excel or HTML or import the data to your database. 


If you know a little knowledge of HTML, you will find it much easier to use Octoparse. Yes, just know a little knowledge of HTML, and you don’t need to understand other knowledge. It is not as complicated as you might think to use Octoparse. We do not need to know much about HTML tags, just to tell the software which row of data or which section of content you want, then the software will extract all the other rows of data. You will find Octoparse much easier to use if you get familiar with it.

With Octoparse, you only need to configure your rule and upload to cloud platform, then you just sit back and relax.

Certainly, I hope Octoparse Team would work harder to improve performance and provide more efficient, intelligent solutions. To make Octoparse as a perfect product. And it would be much better if Octoparse has the MAC version.




Jack Smith






Author: The Octoparse Team




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