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4 Things to Know Before Buying Automated Data Extraction Software

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Web data extraction is no longer a labor-intensive job. Since more and more businesses are run on the Web and the daily number of active users in major social networking sites/apps is growing with a fast speed, large amounts of data is generated every minute and hence create unbelievable business values and potential great commercial opportunities for those who is good at seizing these opportunities. Only those who are prepared for the changes and take immediate action can catch these opportunities.And the time taken by the current business entities in making new marketing strategies and gaining more profit needs to be made good use wisely, effectively and fully. The capabilities to deal with the growing abundance of data could really make a substantial difference.

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You can gain insight from the growing volumes of data from websites only when you can extract enough data because inherent characteristics of the data could only be defined based on huge amounts of data. Thus it’s necessary to automate the web data extraction process effectively. With a growing demand to extract the growing volumes of data generated automatically, several types of automated data extraction software have sprung up to help companies and organizations of different sizes simplify and manage the data extraction process.


So what's the best automated data extraction tool for your enterprise with so many software to choose from in the market? Well it depends on your web data extraction requirements and enterprise profile. Ideally, the right automated data extraction tool is what you need with good performance with less time and effort. With it, you can easily get into the web data extraction and get the data from websites in real time. Here is a list of 4 excellent factors that you should consider when picking the right automated data extraction software:


1. Easy to Use and Rich Features


Easy automated data extraction software comes with great benefits that will enable you the find out the features that best match your enterprise. Key features needed for a smooth data extraction would make it easy to use by simply point and click on the web page and no coding required. Major features include infinite scrolling, login required, pagination, AJAX or JavaScript settings, X Path editing, cache settings, extract HTML code, and etc. When you launch the software, the layout of software interface should be clear enough to guide you through the process of making a scraping task. Intelligent modes that is professionally designed may provide to quickly help you extract data from simple websites.




2. Rich Learning Materials


Learning materials include a wide range of tutorials, instructional videos and study guides that make users master the software. These materials posted on the home website is varied from different types of web scraping knowledge and is well organized that users can orderly go through these learning materials to at least complete a certain task. A tutorial should be taken in many forms, ranging from a set of instructions to an interactive problem solving session to meet various data extraction needs. Blog is a plus that enables users learn latest information about big data extraction.


Dedicated customer service support teams for various needs and technical maintenance by software providers are another major factors when selecting a software company. After all, it is good to pick a automated web data extraction software that will give you a great response and solve your problems all the time.


3. Cloud Service


Definitely cloud service is the key factor and crucial for your enterprise when picking an automated web data extraction software. Cloud service enables you to extract data from websites day and night without a break. It’s much faster for several cloud servers to automatically extract data from websites than a single computer with good performance. The speed of automated web data extraction will affect the speed of your action to any sudden events that impact your enterprise. Time is money and opportunity doesn't knock twice.


4. Price


Pricing may not be the most important factor in your selection process but is also the factor you need to give careful consideration. It’s not a good deal to purchase a more expensive software with rich features that don’t apply to your enterprise, or choose a wrong pricing plan. You can try to access the features of an automated web data extraction software you may use in your enterprise and keep the cost within your budget.


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Any time youare evaluating an automated web data extraction software it is very important for you to select the right one for your enterprise. In short, automated web data extraction software should help make web data extraction easier and more efficient and easy for anyone to utilize.



Author: The Octoparse Team

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