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4 Things to Know Before Buying Automated Data Extraction Software

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

With a growing demand to extract web data automatically, several types of automated data extraction software have sprung up to help companies and organizations to simplify and manage the data extraction process.


So, with so many software to choose from in the market, which's the best automated data extraction tool for your enterprise?


It depends on your web data extraction requirements. Ideally, the right automated data extraction tool is one with good performance and takes you less time and effort. Here is a list of 4 excellent factors that you should consider when picking the right automated data extraction software:


1. Easy to Use and Rich Features 

Firstly, advanced automated data extraction software should be easy to use. When you launch the software, the layout of the software interface should be clear enough to guide you through the process of making a scraping task. Take a great data extraction tool Octoparse as an example, you can simply point and click on the web page, and no coding is required.


It should include features such as infinite scrolling, scrape behind login, create pagination, AJAX or JavaScript settings, XPath editing, cache settings, extract HTML code, and etc.  


2. Rich Learning Materials

Good software comes with ample learning materials. Learning materials include instructional videos, study guides, step-by-step walk-through tutorials, etc.


A dedicated customer service support team is another major factor when selecting a data extraction tool. After all, it is important to pick automated web data extraction software that will respond and solve your problems in time.


3. Cloud Service

Cloud-based extraction enables you to extract data from websites 24/7. It’s much faster for several cloud servers to extract data simultaneously than a single computer. The speed of automated web data extraction will affect the speed of your action to any sudden events that impact your enterprise. As one of the extraction tools with awesome cloud service, Octoparse allows users to scrape websites on a large scale.


4. Price

Pricing may not be the most important factor but is also worth careful consideration. It’s obviously not wise to purchase expensive software with rich features that don’t apply to your enterprise, or choose a wrong pricing plan. You can try to evaluate the features of the software and keep the cost within your budget.




 Author: The Octoparse Team 

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