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When it comes to web mining, we know web data extraction is a very crucial part. But for web data extraction, tools, and cloud technology are two important roles. If you don’t have the right tool or the tool doesn’t meet your need, you will not extract as much data as you want. There are mainly two types of software tools for web data extraction. One is client-based software, and the other is a browser plug-in tool. The former is much more popular. And Client-based software that provides cloud servers would be the best choice for data extraction. Next, I’ll introduce two web mining tools, Octoparse and Import.io, focusing on the paid plan they have.

1. Import.io

2. Octoparse

Compared with Import.io, Octoparse will be more cost-effective for web data extraction. Octoparse provides users with four or ten cloud servers. The amount of data Octoparse can extract mainly depends on your network performance. But Import.io charges users on a second basis. Actually, it was a bit expensive.

Both Octoparse and Import.io can extract web data easily and quickly. And both of them can automatically extract data across pages and extract detailed web page data when there is a list of links to click into. But they are different in essence. Octoparse is a client-based software. It has a better user experience and interaction design, and it won’t be restricted by browsers. 

The good news is that both have a free trial for a lifetime. It’s worth mentioning that if Local Extraction of Octoparse can meet your needs, you can use Octoparse to extract web page data without paying any money. It is quite attractive, right?

Both Octoparse and Import.io have XPath technology to resolve position problems when extracting web data. But Import.io can run tasks across different platforms. Octoparse just runs in Windows. I think that’s why Import.io is more popular than Octoparse. So if you are a Linux or Mac user, Import.io is recommended. But if you are Windows, you’re suggested to choose Octoparse especially when you have a tight budget.

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