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How To Extract Phone Number?

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Internet is full of information that can help you better market your product or service and deliver personalized solutions to your target customers. One of the best way for many companies to seek out new business opportunities is to list their contact information on their websites or some big social media platforms like LinkedIn. Sometimes having a conversation with a live person over the phone or other voice call services is more effective and useful to get your ideas across than writing emails or letters.



To make effective business phone calls, you need to prepare your conversation over the phone. To achieve your goal in one call, you have to make sure the ideas you'd like to deliver, the way you'd like to "ask" when exchanging ideas, when to make the call, how much time you have, etc. before you pick up the phone. Then, you need to get phone call list with other necessary information like the name and job title of the person you are talking to, his/her company's name, and etc. 


So, how to spend the least amount of time to get accurate phone numbers in bulk? 


You can make a web crawler to extract the information yourself. But for those who don't have coding experience, they may hire a developer to help them grab the data or subscribe to a data extractor.  It's worthwhile to pay for the extraction services which save you time and energy. You will get a list of phone numbers with other related info in minutes by using a data extractor which is easy to use.


An all-in-one data extractor will not only extract what you want from websites automatically, but also transfer this kind of data into structured data formats like Excel. Octoparse is capable of extracting phone/mobile/fax numbers, email addresses, and other contact types from the web. For structured web pages from one website like Yelp, you can set your own extraction rule automatically by just clicking on the data points; for unstructured web pages from different company websites, you can trace the phone numbers by using advanced features such as X Path tools and regular expressions before extracting, especially for the data that could only be found in the html of the web page. No coding required and users with programming skills can use Octoparse to create your own custom database of phone number collection.



Here, we'll take a look at how to use Octoparse to collect phone numbers of companies in Dallas, TX on


Step 1.  

Open the website and find the companies in Dallas, TX. Then copy the generated URL into clipboard.



Step 2.

Quick start a new task (Advanced Mode) and drag the Open Page icon to the Workflow Designer. Paste the URL into the PageUrl box and click Save. Open the web page by clicking the Go button at the top right corner of the built-in browser.



Step 3.

Scroll to the bottom of the web page in the built-in browser, then click “Next” link to create a pagination action in order to extract data from multiple pages.




Then choose "Loop click Next Page", and we have created a pagination action.






Step 4.  

We will extract the names and phone numbers of these companies.




Click the company name “Dallas Movers Pro” and choose the “Extract text” option. Same way to extract the phone number. Then rename the fields as “Company” and “Phone number”.



Step 5.

Before executing the extraction rules, we check the order of each action. Because we want to extract all the data needed before turning to next page, we drag the “Extract Data” action in front of “Click to Paginate” action in the Workflow Designer. Then click “Next”>”Next” (both at the top right corner of the interface) to proceed to next step.





Step 6.

Finally, click “Local Extraction” to run the task.




In the pop-up window, we will see all the phone numbers have been extracted.








Author: The Octoparse Team




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