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You already know how important it is to make sure that suppliers do not raise their costs without your knowledge. Price monitoring is an important approach for merchants and consumers. An easy way to monitor this potential issue is to use price monitoring tools (You could check the Top 10 Price Monitoring Tool in 2023 and find the ideal price monitoring tool. ). Price monitoring software enables you to track the prices of the products that your competitors are selling. With price monitoring tools, you can also monitor the prices of your favorite products or services for any change. 

Traditionally, you might get someone manually to go to the whole website and write that information down on paper, or even go to the shop itself back in the day of no Internet. But now, with online price monitoring software, you can get real-time data from your desktop within several clicks.

Octoparse, beyond being a web scraper, can also help you do comparison shopping, so you can track prices and prices histories while making sure that item you want to buy is the best option for you and your budget.

If you search a product name or a product URL and bulk collect the result from the webpage, you will able to tell at a glance if there’s a pattern, or if the price was lower in the past, by comparing the result you collected before.

Here is an example of how to capture data from Amazon. 

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