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Automated Web Scraping Tool with API | Web Crawler Software Review

Friday, March 10, 2017

[Octoparase User Review] By Ayman Magedy from Egypt - Basic Plan User


Overview: Not a nightmare to scrape websites anymore!

Octoparse offers a free scraping GUI for everyone without coding experience. The free local extraction feature is enough for almost any business starter or data collector. I mean Octoparse is like the middle man from the web. I mean it’s so great that you can handle all types of pagination, from infinite scrolling down to AJAX, also including the normal button pagination.


It’s a nightmare to develop something like this from scratch using PHP. And the perfect excel sheet with all data collected inside it formatted into perfect columns and rows, just needed to be adjusted into charts. Although the GUI is a bit complicated for someone new to the software, the tutorials are very easy to track and the moving pictures for every step are awesome.


Octoparse Cloud Extraction: Easier and faster!

After investing some time developing the local extraction mechanism, you can export the project to the cloud extraction as it will be much easier to use. It’s also because that is the logical step for the next move if you want to scrape large scales of data. And you don’t have to worry about the schedule, as it is in the cloud and running smoothly.


Use of Octoparse API: Time is money!

API integration also makes it easier to use the data. Exporting the data via API is one of the solutions, you also can export them in various file formats including CSV. You can build a mobile APP directly on the API and with some patience, you can get more reliable data at your hand any time.

I am a WordPress developer who uses the API to integrate with WordPress itself including other plugins like woo-commerce for an eCommerce platform. Giant price comparison companies use the same method to scrape data and publish them to their web, we can do the same with much less work using Octoparse! Why reinvent the wheel?! Time is money!


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