A Fast and Easy Way to Build a Price Monitor

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Price monitoring is a tool that helps people to keep track of the price of different products or stocks on the internet. It plays a more and more important role in E-commerce industry for manufacturers, E-store owners and customers to compare prices of different stores or products as it is fast to monitor lots of pages at the same time and easy to use.

There are mainly four forms of products for users to build their own price monitors: price monitor platform, price tracker for a certain web, price monitor extension and web scraper.

Price Monitoring Platform

The Price Monitoring Platform, such as PriceZag, is a professional web-based software specifically used for monitoring prices on most websites. It visits websites in a real browser, interpreting pages as human and evaluating the location of the price and other parameters like stocks with its algorithms. It generates real-time statistics and graphs in the report for users to make comparisons and send alerts to emails or phones when certain changes users configured before are triggered. Everyone will be impressed by its real-time monitoring and advanced statistical analysis.

Price Tracker

You may have seen many Amazon price trackers like Keeps on the Internet. Amazon price tracker is specially designed for monitoring product prices on Amazon and is really popular among Amazon sellers. It offers a Comprehensive price history graph, price drop, and availability alerts. Some trackers even have browser extensions to display price history graphs directly on each Amazon product page. In addition to dealing with price changes, some trackers can even keep an eye on keywords and conversion rates to help Amazon stores increase rankings. But the only limitation of such a price tracker is obvious: it can only apply to Amazon. If you want to track other websites, you need to find another, like eBay tracker.

Price Monitor Extension

Installed into browsers, price monitor extension is a program in order to let users track the price with their browsers. Famous browsers like google always have many different extensions, which are very easy to handle, to realize price monitoring but extensions, of course, are outshone when compared with price monitor software for it cannot intelligently turn the numbers they get from websites into elegant graphs.

Web Scraper

Web scrapers are not created for price monitoring but for any data on the Internet including price. Price monitors can also be easily dealt with by web scrapers, such as Octoparse, by scheduling them to scrape the price at a specific time and users just export the clean data they get. Web scrapers can be used not only for comparing prices of different products but also other product information like sales to help users have a more comprehensive comparison.

It is no longer hard but quite fast and easy to monitor price changes with these tools. Just choose one that satisfies your needs and start your monitoring!

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