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4 Best Easy-To-Use Website Ripper

Monday, February 27, 2017

It’s much easier to get the updated content from a website in real time with an RSS feed or you can at least refresh the website content manually to get the latest information with an internet connection. But sometimes you need to download the whole web site for offline reading. It may be the case that you want to learn from the structures of source code layers from some famous websites. Or you’d just like to get the changing data from one particular website everyday. No matter what the case may be there are some website ripper software for you to download or get the partial or full website locally onto your hard drive for offline access.


A website ripper enables you to download an entire website and save it to your hard drive for browsing the website in your PC without any internet connection. Since three essential structures - sequences, hierarchies, and webs, that used to build a web site will decide how the information is displayed and organized, you can check the list of website ripper tools mention below and hop over to the next one before finding the one that best suit your needs.


Below is the list of the 10 best website ripper software of 2017. The list is based on ease of use, popularity and functionalities.




As a website ripper freeware, HTTrack is powerful and easy access among its users. It functions well for downloading an entire website from the Internet to your PC. It’s easy to use and you can get started with the Wizard by following through some settings. You can decide the number of connections to opened concurrently while downloading web pages under “Set options”. You can get the photos, files, HTML code from the entire directories, update current mirrored website and resume interrupted downloads.


Here are some of the cons. For example, it could not use to download only one page of the website. Instead, it will download the entire root of the website. In addition, it takes a while to manually exclude the file types from the website if you just want to download some of the file types you need.



Minimum Requirements

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista SP2

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

20MB of available hard disk space




Octoparse is a free and powerful website crawler for extracting almost all kind of data you need from the website. You can use Octoparse to rip a website with its extensive functionalities and capabilities. There are two kinds of learning mode - Wizard Mode and Advanced Mode - for non-programmers to quickly get used to Octoparse. After downloading the freeware, its point-and-click UI allows you to grab all the text from the website and thus you can download almost all the website content and save it as a structured format like EXCEL, TXT, HTML or your databases. What’s more, its Scheduled Cloud Extraction enables you to refresh the website and get the latest information from the website.



Minimum Requirements

Windows 10, 8, 7, XP

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

56MB of available hard disk space


Cyotek WebCopy 


WebCopy is a free website ripper copier that allows you to copy partial or full websites locally in to your harddisk for offline reading.


It will scan the specified website before downloading the website content onto your hardisk and auto-remap the links to resources like images and other web pages in the site to match its local path. You can choose to pick some parts of the website by using its full configuration.



Minimum Requirements

Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

3.76 MB of available hard disk space




Getleft is a free and easy-to-use website grabber that can be used to rip a website. It downloads an entire website with its easy-to-use interface and multiple options. After you launch the Getleft, you can enter a URL and choose the files that should be downloaded before begin downloading the website.



Minimum Requirements


2.5 MB of available hard disk space




Author: The Octoparse Team




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