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Octoparse is your no-coding solution for web scraping to turn pages into structured data within clicks.

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No code is the best code

Octoparse allows everyone to build reliable web scrapers they need - no coding needed. Design your own scraper in a workflow designer and get everything visualized in a browser.

The only AI web scraping assistant you need

Access the limitless power of AI, right inside Octoparse. Get started faster with Auto-detect and receive timely tips every step of the way.

Automation that goes above and beyond

Maximize scraping efficiency with our 24/7 cloud solution and schedule scrapers to get data just in time or in flexible intervals. Automatic data export. OpenAPI support.

Your workflow, infinitely configurable

Interact with web elements the way you want. Get ahead of web scraping challenges with IP rotation, CAPTCHA solving, proxies, and tons of featured actions including infinite scrolling, dropdown, hover, AJAX loading...

There's a template for that

Browse hundreds of preset templates for the most popular websites and get data instantly with zero setup.

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