Octoparse Release Notes

 Last Updated Date: March 3, 2017



V6.4.1 Tuesday, March 7, 2017 



                 · Optimized the Local Extraction Export performance. Data will not be deleted if exported abnormally.

                 · Added the feature to batch modify the Task Category.

                 · Added Schedule Task feature in Start Interface. Users can apply the saved scheduled settings to batch tasks.

                 · Authority is not necessary anymore when data needs to be exported to Mysql.

                 · Improve Local Extraction Speed.

                 · Memory usage is reduced.

                 · Added Reminders of how to speed up data extraction before running the tasks.

                 · Added Extraction Failure Report on Local Extraction.

                 · Greatly improved the quality of the extracted data and decrease the quantity of missing data.

                 · Greatly improved the client performance and speed up the extraction. 

                 · Added the function to load the data page when viewing extracted data.

                 · Pagination threshold can be set with a higher value in Wizard Mode

                 · Added the feature -- Refresh to update tasks and task groups by right-click.


         Bug Fixes

                 · Some existed bugs have been resolved.

                 · Resolve the bug of redundant and duplicated data generated when exporting data

                   if multiple pages of extracted data are compacted into one page.

                 · Resolve the bug of invalid Default Value Settings.




V6.2 Tuesday, September 13, 2016 


         New Features

                 · Smart Mode allows you to get data by just pasting in a URL.

                 · Ad Blocking optimizes the loading time of web page.


         Bug Fixes

                 · Optimized the Export to Excel performance and resolved unexpected export errors.

                 · Optimized the Export to Database performance and resolved unexpected export errors.

                 · Improved the Incremental Extraction feature and enabled URL parameter option.


V6.0 Tuesday, March 15, 2016 

                 · Added the 'Export to Oracle database' feature.

                 · Added four types of extraction configuration to simplify the data extraction process.

                 · Added the 'Tutorial Guidance' option for extraction configuration.

                 · Added the option to decide the order of running tasks in Cloud Extraction.

                 · Scheduled Cloud Extraction.

                 · Added the 'View all' option and 'View unexported data' option in the 'Cloud: Completed'

                    to view all the data run in cloud extraction. Users can export all the unexported data.

                 · Tasks can be dragged to different categories.