Data Extraction

Data Extraction is the process or act of capturing web data that is either semi-structured or unstructured from web pages and turning the raw data into analyzable or table style formats.

number1.pngQuick and Easy Data Extraction with Octoparse

See how Octoparse make data extraction easy and quick!

number2.pngData Extraction Uses

Increasingly many businesses publish data on the Internet. This information includes product, customer and supplier details also other valuable data that is being used to do things that give them a competitive advantage in their industry.

Data extraction uses for businesses and individuals are various. Each has his or own special need for extracting data. Most of users at Octoparse are using web data extraction for one or more of following purposes:

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number3.pngWhy Extract Data with Octoparse?

Octoparse applies advanced machine learning algorithm that allows users of all types to easily and affordably extract and manage web data. With Octoparse you can easily create a data extractor to retrieve any data from the web while telling the software the data that needs to be extracted. Just click around to select the data you need to extract – that’s how easy it is to build an extractor.

With its ease of use and user-friendly feature, data that previous took weeks for individual or group to gather can now be gathered in minutes. Compared to traditional data extraction solutions, Octoparse is making data extraction more cost-efficient and less time-consuming. It allows you not only to keep up with competition but to stay ahead the game.

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