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Lesson 8: Export data extracted

Thursday, June 9, 2022

The latest version for this tutorial is available here. Go to have a check now!


Octoparse supports data export to various output formats, including XLS, JSON, CSV, and HTML. Alternatively, you can also export the extracted data to your local database. Better yet, have the data delivered to your own applications by connecting to the Octoparse API. 

See our API documentation for details: http://dataapi.octoparse.com/help


1. Output file formats supported

    · Excel 2007(xlsx)

    · Excel 2003(xlsx)

    · JSON (New in Octoparse 7.X!)

    · CSV

    · HTML


We've added a new output format – JSON in Octoparse 7.X version!


2. Local databases supported

    · SQL Server

    · My SQL

    · Oracle


Currently, Octoparse does not support cloud databases like AWS database, Azure, Cloud SQL database, etc.


3. Download local data

There are two ways to download data extracted locally:

1. Once a local run has finished or been stopped,

  • Click on  to export the data
  • Select your preferred format to export the data as
  • Click "Export data"


2. Data extracted in the current local run is saved temporarily as local data 

    · Click "More action" on the dashboard

    · Select "View data"

    · Select "Local data"

    · Click on  and pick an output format, click "Export data"



1. Data extracted locally can only be exported after the extraction completes. 

2. All extracted data would be deleted after a new run starts.

4. Download cloud data

Data extracted in the Cloud is automatically stored on the Octoparse cloud platform and is accessible from any machine. To retrieve and download Cloud data:

  • Click "More action" on the dashboard
  • Select "View data"
  • Select "Cloud data"
  • Click on  to select an output format
  • Click "Export data"


Unlike local data, cloud data can be exported as soon as it gets extracted during the extraction process. You can select "Export all" to export all data or select "Export unexported data" to get data that has not been exported.



1. Cloud data will be stored in the Cloud for only 3 months after which it will be deleted permanently. Please export the cloud data in a timely manner. 

2. Data extracted in the Cloud can be auto-export to a designated local database on a pre-set schedule (see more details here )


Congrats! You’ve finished all introductory lessons for Octoparse 7.X! Are you pumped up for data hunting?

Feel free to let us know if you have any question or need our assistance. Contact us here !




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