Provide your users with the latest information. Use Octoparse to scrape data from multiple data sources and convert the extracted data into structured tables of data. It’s easy to automatically deliver enormous timely information to all the users who have subscribed to your data feed. Schedule an extraction task in Octoparse to collect web data automatically and enrich your applications with up-to-date Internet content.

Octoparse allows you to monitor activities on the target sites regularly and continuously. Get information about your competitors all in Octoparse. For entrepreneurs, it’s really necessary to track and monitor prices of what your competitors are selling their products at. With Octoparse, you can scrape real-time data within several clicks. Based on the data you collect, to develop your marketing strategy would be a lot easier.

Changes in the market are important because they bring new opportunities and threats to companies. To make better predictions and decisions, you need to collect enough data to analyze market trends. This is where Octoparse comes in. Octoparse is a powerful data scraper that can crawl dynamic web pages and bulk collect all the relevant information.

Today’s consumer expects complete and accurate information about the products they are buying. If you don’t have enough information about the product, there’s a certain chance that visitors to your site might go elsewhere to find more information. Octoparse can help you provide the most relevant content to blend the information into your existing catalog without manual intervention.

Understanding your customers’ actual needs is very crucial to help your business succeed. To gain a better understanding of what your customers are truly saying about your products, Octoparse enables you to scrape product reviews and comments from social media sources. The ability of Octoparse to gather insights from social media sources is a practice that is being widely used by companies from different countries.

Making effective business decisions is a crucial skill for you to better develop your business. To better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current or potential competition, it is essential to know what your competitors are offering. With Octoparse, you can easily scrape information that is related to your competitors at minimum cost. Octoparse also provides cloud servers that enables you collect real-time data.




It has a wide variety of options for extraction and page navigation. Everything visible on web pages can be extracted . It also has options to export the scraped data to different formats (TXT , Excel , databases ) . Customer service is very good and solves problems immediately.

--John Baker

“I love this product. It allows someone without programming experience to efficiently scrape data from the web. Octoparse works better than any other data scraper I have tried. Octoparse is a must for businesses. I initially used the product for scraping competitor prices. I’ve been a user of Octoparse for 3 years. No need to even try any other product.

-- Tim Wade


Point and Click Interface

Select the data to be scraped with mouse clicks
No need to code
Use X path and Regular Expressions to collect the data with accuracy

All Sorts of Data Loading

Scrape data from all sorts of data loading techniques
such as AJAX, or JavaScript
Fully-fledged built-in browser to load data from different sources

Cloud Service

Anonymously scrape data using Octoparse
Support Proxy and API
Automatic IP rotation to prevent IP from being blocked

Success with Octoparse

Companies from different countries choose Octoparse for their web data extraction needs

160,000+ Trusted Worldwide by Companies
600,000+ Extraction Tasks Concurrently Running
30,000K+ Real-time Data Generated Daily



No credit card required

  • 10 tasks
  • Extract unlimited web pages
  • 2 concurrent tasks on local machine
  • IP Proxy

Standard Edition

$890/YR SAVE 16%
  • 100 tasks
  • 4 cloud servers
  • Extract unlimited web pages
  • Unlimited concurrent tasks on local machine
  • IP Rotation
  • IP Proxy
  • Schedule to extract data
  • API access
  • Dedicated support from support team

Professional Edition

$1890/YR SAVE 16%
  • 200 tasks
  • 10 cloud servers
  • Extract unlimited web pages
  • Unlimited concurrent tasks on local machine
  • IP Rotation
  • IP Proxy
  • Schedule to extract data
  • API access
  • Dedicated support from support team

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