Why Octoparse Is Your Best Choice

Point and Click Interface

Select the data to be scraped with mouse clicks
No need to code
Use X path and Regular Expressions to collect the
data with accuracy

All Sorts of Data Loading

Scrape data from all sorts of data loading techniques
such as AJAX, or JavaScript
Fully-fledged built-in browser to load data from
different sources

Cloud Service

Anonymously scrape data using Octoparse
Support Proxy and API
Automatic IP rotation to prevent IP from being

It All Starts With a Stunning Web Scraping Tool












BI Platform

Cloud Platform



What Octoparse Can Do For You

Deliver timely information to end users

Provide your users with the latest information....

. Scrape data from multiple data sources.

. Convert data into structured tables.

. Enrich your applications with up-to-date internet content.

. Schedule an extraction task to automatically collect web data automatically.

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Monitor web data in real-time

Monitor activities on the target websites.....

. Track and monitor prices.

. Get information about your competitors

. Scrape real-time data within several clicks.

. Develop your marketing strategy based on the extracted data.

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Analyze market trends

Analyze market trends...

. Scrape data from dynamic or static websites.

. Collect data to analyze market trends.

. Make better predictions and decisions.

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Enrich product content

Enrich product content...

. Provide relevant content to blend the information into your existing catalog without manual intervention.

. Get complete and accurate information about the popular products.

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Analyze customer sentiment

Analyze customer sentiment...

. Scrape product reviews and comments from social media sources.

. Gather insights from social media activities.

. Understand your customers’ actual needs.

. Gain a better understanding of your customers.

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Gather competitive intelligence

Gather competitive intelligence...

. Scrape information that is related to your competitors at minimum cost.

. Better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current or potential competition.

. Make effective business decisions.

. Octoparse cloud servers enables you collect real-time data.

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What Our Users Are Saying

It has a wide variety of options for extraction and page navigation. Everything visible on web pages can be extracted . It also has options to export the scraped data to different formats (TXT , Excel , databases) . Customer service is very good and solves problems immediately.

--John Baker

I love this product. It allows someone without programming experience to efficiently scrape data from the web. Octoparse works better than any other data scraper I have tried. Octoparse is a must for businesses. I initially used the product for scraping competitor prices. I’ve been a user of Octoparse for 3 years. No need to even try any other product.

-- Tim Wade


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Octoparse enables you to scape finance data
from financial websites.There're two parts.....

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Scrape Article Information from Google Scholar

In this web scraping tutorial we will scrape the
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How to Scrape WordPress Posts

In this web scraping tutorial we will scrape
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