Powerful Web Scraping Tool

Octoparse is a free client-side Windows web scraping software that turns websites into
structured tables of data without coding. It’s easy and free!

Automatically Extract Web Data from Sites Within Minutes

Octoparse simulates web browsing behavior such as opening a web page, logging into an account, entering a text, pointing-and-clicking the web element, etc.
Our tool allows you to easily get data by clicking the information in the built-in browser.

Open the website in the built-in browser

Scrape websites with pagination

Extract data with point and click

Extract data behind login

Why use Octoparse

Point-and-Click Interface

Simply point and click web data

Automatically extract all the data in similar layout

No coding required for most 98% websites

Deal With 98% Websites

Extract text, image URLs, links, etc

Extract data from listing pages, sites with infinite scrolling, pagination, etc

Extract data from dropdown menus

Extract data behind login

Extract data loaded with AJAX, JavaScript, etc

Extract Web Data Precisely

Automatically generates Xpath

Built-in XPath tool

Built-in RegEx tool

Cloud Service

Extract data using cloud servers 24/7

Extract and store your data on the cloud platform

Automatic IP rotation -- Avoiding IP being blacklisted

Scheduled extraction tasks

Export Data in Any Format You Like

Store your Octoparse data on the our cloud platform. Or export the data in any format you like:


My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle

Are You Prepared to Be Surprised by Octoparse

Don’t waste your time copying and pasting. Download Octoparse today and collect web data. It’s easy and free!

Download Octoparse

Learn how to use

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