Why Octoparse Is Your Best Choice

Point and Click Interface

Select the data to be scraped with mouse clicks
No need to code
Use X path and Regular Expressions to collect the
data with accuracy

All Sorts of Data Crawling

Crawl websites from all sorts of data loading techniques
such as AJAX, or JavaScript
Fully-fledged built-in browser to load data from
different sources

Cloud Service

Anonymously scrape data using Octoparse
Support Proxy and API
Automatic IP rotation to prevent IP from being

It All Starts With a Stunning Web Scraping Tool












BI Platform

Cloud Platform



What Octoparse Can Do For You

Deliver timely information to end users

Provide your users with the latest information....

. Scrape data from multiple data sources.

. Convert data into structured tables.

. Enrich your applications with up-to-date internet content.

. Schedule an extraction task to automatically collect web data automatically.

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Monitor web data in real-time

Monitor activities on the target websites.....

. Track and monitor prices.

. Get information about your competitors

. Scrape real-time data within several clicks.

. Develop your marketing strategy based on the extracted data.

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Analyze market trends

Analyze market trends...

. Scrape data from dynamic or static websites.

. Collect data to analyze market trends.

. Make better predictions and decisions.

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Enrich product content

Enrich product content...

. Provide relevant content to blend the information into your existing catalog without manual intervention.

. Get complete and accurate information about the popular products.

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Analyze customer sentiment

Analyze customer sentiment...

. Scrape product reviews and comments from social media sources.

. Gather insights from social media activities.

. Understand your customers’ actual needs.

. Gain a better understanding of your customers.

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Gather competitive intelligence

Gather competitive intelligence...

. Scrape information that is related to your competitors at minimum cost.

. Better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current or potential competition.

. Make effective business decisions.

. Octoparse cloud servers enables you collect real-time data.

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Customer Reviews

It is very easy to use as a web crawler even though you don’t have any experience on website scraping before. It can do a lot for you. Octoparse has enabled me to ingest a large number of data point and focus my time on statistical analysis versus data collection. It has saved me some much time with automated web crawling! Same jobs would take me hours before and now data is collected in few minutes! When I need a quick way to crawl structured web data, Octoparse will be my first choice.

- By Andy Jarvi from Finland

Octoparse is an extremely powerful web crawling tool that has optimized and pushed our data scraping efforts to the next level. I would recommend this cloud-based service to anyone. The price for the value provides a large return on the investment. For the free version, which works great, you can run at least 10 crawlers at a time. However, these crawlers are ran simultaneously in the background of the computer application. In my opinion buying any of the plans that allow you to use the cloud interface is very helpful and provides a good bit of flexibility. You can close out of the application and know that Octoparse is running on a server somewhere.

- By Taylor Harris from USA


2/27/2017  2:25:05 AM

FREE Professional Plan
for Review - Octoparse
Web Scraper

We are currently offering one-month
FREE Professional Plan($189) Subscription to anyone...

2/24/2017  2:16:08 AM

Website Crawler &
Sentiment Analysis

To start with Sentiment Analysis, what
comes first to our mind is where and how we can crawl...

2/6/2017  9:47:21 PM

Facebook Data Mining

Mining data from Facebook has been quite
popular and useful in a few past years.

2/24/2017  2:38:25 AM

Scraping Data from Website to Excel

Excel is a powerful tool for dealing with data
in a structured format. It’s easy to use...

2/23/2017  3:00:11 AM

Price Scraping

Scraping data from websites is nothing new at all.
In commercial field, a large amount...

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