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Monday, March 13, 2017 8:01 AM

Here I will show you how to start your first task with Octoparse with Cloud Extraction. 


1. Activate Cloud Extraction  

After you have finished configuring your task and reach the page for ‘Done’, manually activate ‘Cloud Extraction’ by clicking on it.



Alternatively, you can also look for any tasks from ‘In Queue Tasks’ and select ‘Cloud Extraction’ to activate.  



Or if you would like to run the task at specific time, select‘Schedule Cloud Extraction Settings from the same page.



2.Set Extraction Schedule

To set a schedule for cloud extraction, pick a starting date and an ending date from which you would like to extract the data(If this is a one-time extraction, select a starting date and any ending dates). The extend of time is limited to one year currently.


Next, select whether you would like to run the task for once, on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis or even in real time (task will be run every 1-minutes interval). Note ‘Select Date’ is defined as the date which you would like to run the task and only apply to one-time extraction task.


Once extraction frequency is selected, define days of the week, time of the day by checking the corresponding selection.


For the example in the screenshot below, I would like to run the task for one time at 3am on 3/17/2017.



The same schedule setting can be saved and used for any other tasks. Simply name the setting and click on‘Save the configuration’. Lastly, remember to hit ‘Save’ at the very bottom. This way, the same schedule setting can be applied to different tasks.




When prompted to check tasks in queue, click ‘OK’ to proceed or close the pop up to finish.




Now, you will be reminded that the specific task has been scheduled to run in the Cloud as shown in the screenshot below.




3. CheckingTasks in Queue

After the Cloud Service is successfully activated, you can look up the the next execution time for all pending tasks by checking ‘Cloud: Waiting’ from the task menu.




Or you can also select any tasks and click on ‘Stop’ to remove the task from waiting list.



Author: The Octoparse Team

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