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Monday, March 14, 2016 6:47 AM

Extract List/Table from Webpages


Step 1. Download Octoparse and install it. Register a new account at www.octoparse.com. Or directly click the “Sign up” option the Login interface.


Step 2. Go to “Wizard Mode” ➜ “Start” ➜ “List or Table”.


Step 3.  Click “+Create” to build a task.


Step 4. Complete basic information. ➜ Click “Continue” ➜ Click “Next”.


Step 5. In the “List of URL” box: Copy and paste all the URLs. ➜  Click “Continue” ➜ Click “Next”.


Step 6. In this step, we are going to extract the content. 

After clicking these two sections, other similar sections in the list of demo page would be automatically extracted into the define list. ➜  Click “Continue” ➜ Click “Next”.


Step 7. In this step, we are going to extract the content we want. In the Demo page, Click the highlighted section of the article . The “Music Video” and “Views”.

The selected elements are showed in Define Fields as two fields, and similar elements in other sections will automatically be extracted into the output results. ➜ Click the "Field Name" to modify. ➜ Click “Continue” ➜ Click “Next”.


Step 8.Pagination: Choose "Pagination".  Click "Next Page". > “Next”. 


Step 9. Click “Local Extraction”.  “OK” to run the task on your computer. Octoparse will automatically extract all the data selected.  The data extracted will be shown in "Data Extracted" pane.

It’s done! Click “OK” in the pop-up “Extraction Completed” window.


Step 10.Click button to export the results to Excel file, databases or other formats and save the file to your computer.



Happy Data Hunting!


Author: The Octoparse Team

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