Extract Comments from Posts

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 5:34 AM

If you want to collect all the comments from a post into visual files, it would be very easy if you have a right tool.

In this article, I will show you how to extract comments from a post. 



Step 1. Set basic information.


Step 2. Enter the URL in your browser, and then click “Go” button to open it. And scroll down the page to the place where the comments start.

Step 3.  Select the highlight section ( the first comment ) and create a list of items.

               “Create a list of items” > “Add current item to the list” > “Continue to edit the list”.


Step 4.  Select the second comment.

             “Add current item to the list”> “Finish Creating List”> “Loop” 


Step 5. Click what you want and then choose “Extract Text” in the pop-up window. 


Step 6.  Click “Next” at the top right corner of the interface and then choose “Local Extraction”.


Octoparse will do the rest. When it’s done, select the “Export to Excel(2007)” option to export data to Excel.



Happy Data Hunting!



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