Export Octoparse Data into Your SqlServer Manually

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 11:53 PM

This guide will introduce you to how to export Octoparse data into your database MySQL manually.

Here are the prerequisites before we start:

  • Tasks with data results (Auto-export to the database is for Cloud data only)
  • A table with data fields configured in your database to receive data 


Note: Octoparse has an "Auto-export to database" feature which supports MySql and SQLServer

If you need to connect with other databases or platforms (such as your own websites), you might need to refer to Octoparse API: OpenAPI or use Zapier.


First off, view the Cloud data for the target task.

  • Click the "Export Data" button
  • Open "Export to Database" or "Auto-export" to database
  • Choose the type of your database
  • Press "OK"
  • Fill out the required fields for the target database settings.
  • Click "Test Connection" to see if you are connected to your database.
  • If you receive a "Connected" notice, click "Next" to move forward.


Then, we need to configure the data mappings.

  • Select an existing table from the Data Table drop-down options
  • Match the source data fields (data fields extracted) to the target data fields from the designated table
  • Select any source data fields to use as identifiers (primary key
  • After set-up is completed, press the "Completed" button to exit.


Problem solved! 

Should you encounter any problems with auto-exporting to a database, feel free to leave your message.
 Author: The Octoparse Team


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