Export Data Extracted into MySQL Database

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 9:56 PM

In this article, I will show you how to export data extracted into MySQL Database.

Step 1. When the data extraction process is done, click  and choose “Export to Database”.


Click “Next”.


Step 2. In the interface below, Select “MySQL” as your database type.


Step 3. Enter your database information, such as server, UserID, Password.

Then, in the “Database name” drop-down menu, choose a name for your database. Then click “Test Connection”.

(Note: You may get an error prompt: "Access denied for user ‘UserID’@‘server’ to database MYSQL". )

The reason why the error happened is the “UserID” has no permission to access to your MySQL database.

To solve this problem:


1. Go to Terminal on Server Root access:

2. Then access to MySQL: (Your Username and password are needed.)

3. Once you've logged into MYSQL, you are ready to send this command:

Grant all privileges on *.* to testuser@localhost identified by "123456" WITH GRANT OPTION ;

(Note: Replace the 'testuser' and '123456' with your own user name and password.

After you finish the settings, repeat the Step 3, then you’ll find Octoparse is connected to your MYSQL successfully.


Step 4. Follow the instructions to complete the following settings step by step.

When it's done, you can export the data to the target database successfully.



Happy Data Hunting!

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