Ad Blocking -- Octoparse’s Brand New Feature

Friday, September 9, 2016 6:12 AM

Sometimes when you come to extract data in the built-in browser, the website has some annoying ads including banners, pop-ups etc that may slow down the loading of that web page, and it wastes you too much time. Now Octoparse has this brand new feature -- Ad Blocking!  


How to Use Ad Blocking

Simply choose Ad Blocking to block pop-up ads in Set up Basic Information step, or choose it in the Advance Options of "Go To Web Page".


Using the Ad Blocking technique to extract data from Ad-heavy pages will:

. Optimize the loading time of the page. (Ads have a negative impact on page load time.)

. Reduce the number of HTTP requests. (The more ads that the page has, the more requests will be made, which will slower the loading of the web page.)



The structure of some web pages may be changed after using the Ad blocking technique. In this case, you need to adjust the XPath generated in the workflow. Before you configure the extraction rule, make sure if it’s necessary to use Ad blocking feature.

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Author: The Octoparse Team

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