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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Octoparse gives you the tool and features you need for your data collection project – Free: Free software, unlimited pages per crawl, 10 crawlers, 10,000 records per export and 2 concurrent local runs.


With a premium plan (See different plans here), you can:

·  Leave your task running in the cloud 24/7

·  Schedule extractions

·  Enjoy IP rotation for anonymous scraping - avoid getting blocked

·  Get up to 250 crawlers - more crawlers means more data

·  Enjoy high-speed extraction

·  Enjoy unlimited data export | Unlimited cloud storage | Unlimited local runs...

·  Enjoy seamless integration via Data export API | Advanced API

And many more…


Here are some basic steps of upgrading your account to a premium plan:

1) Start off by logging your account

2) Just select a plan and click “Buy now” on the pricing page, or Click “Plan & Subscription” in your user center.

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