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Can I extract a table/form?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

With Octoparse, you can easily extract data from tables or forms on websites. For detailed guidance, you can refer to the complete tutorial Capture a table .

The key is to enable Octoparse to capture each row of the table as an individual section. Thus the data in each cell can be extracted by row in a loop. 


· Click on the first cell in the first row of the table

· Keep clicking on the expansion icon from Action Tips until the whole row is highlighted (usually the tag should be TR)

· Repeat the first 2 steps on the second row

· Have every row of the table highlighted

· Select "Select all sub-elements" from Action Tips to have each cell captured as a sub element

· Select "Extract data" from Action Tips, and then just delete/edit the data fields as you need




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