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What's new in Octoparse 7.X?

Thursday, June 9, 2022

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We are very excited to announce the release of new version 7.0, which turned out to be one of the most revolutionary changes in the past two years. We had improved the design, UI, built-in browser, anti-blocking mechanisms, and many more. Read on for more details!

(Download Octoparse 7.0.0 and try it for yourself )

  • Sleek design & lightweight application
  • New dashboard enabling efficient task management
  • Introducing the Select Mode, which integrates with Octoparse’s patent-pending intelligent action guided scraping,simplifies the scraping process to within a few clicks.
  • Improved compatibility with upgraded built-in browser
  • Enhanced anti-blocking mechanism via user agent selection
  • Added export feature: JSON Export


Lightweight and modern UI

The new Octoparse version 7.0 comes in a clean and sleek look of a much more lightweight application.



Main console for users to manage all the task  

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Provide extra help with XPath tool, RegEx tool, Database auto export tool, Octoparse API 

Now in Octoparse 7.X, no need to open the client for auto exporting!


Rich articles and the step-by-step guides to getting you started on your own scraping projects

Data Service 

Our professional data service to take care of your scraping requests such as data delivery service or task configuration

Contact Support 

Ask any question regarding getting data with Octoparse or any other data scraping inquiries.


New dashboard for efficient task management

In Octoparse Version 7.0, we’ve replaced the previous side task navigation menu with a much more versatile task dashboard, providing a complete view of all task related info, such as task status, lines of data extracted, time elapsed since the start of the job, etc. Task management is also more efficient with new filters for task status (such as ready, in queue, running, completed and stopped). You can also access the data extracted easily from the dashboard.



      · Start/schedule a task or check extracted data easily


      · Customize the number of tasks displayed on each page


      · Search any task by name


      · Batch options - Batch start/delete/export any tasks


The Select Mode

Octoparse’s new Select Mode is specifically designed for easy capturing any web data with simple clicks. Once you’ve clicked on any data, Octoparse will intelligently detect the data and provide you with all the available actions to choose on “Action tips”


The Select Mode is based on Octoparse’s patent-pending algorithm of action guided scraping. Once you click on any info on a web page, Octoparse will try to guess what you may want to do next and what specific data from the page you may be interested in capturing, then all you have to do is to pick up the desired action from “Action Tips”. 

Note! The Workflow Mode is not gone and can be easily accessed by turning on the workflow switch located on the upper right-hand side of the interface. After saving the URL, Octoparse would take you to the Select mode by default. You can always turn on the Workflow Mode to review/modify the previous steps or simply to get a better picture of the whole workflow.


Built-in browser upgraded

We have upgraded the built-in browser in Octoparse 7.X versions which greatly enhanced the compatibility of the software. Websites that cannot be opened in 6.4.4 wouldn’t be a problem now. 

Anti-blocking mechanism – UA Selection

In Octoparse 7.X versions, we have added a new feature to help you from getting blocked during the scraping.

Your browser sends what’s known as a user agent for any web page you visit. This is a string to tell the target website what kind of device you are accessing the page with. When scraping a website very consistently with the same user agent, it is easy to be detected as a scraping bot activity. Now, you can easily tweak this setting to reduce the chance of being blocked.
Upon completion of any task configuration, click "Setting" above the workflow and select the type of browser.



Websites could "look" different in various browsers. Before selecting any UA, it is always helpful to first check whether the site is "looking" right in the browser to be selected. 


JSON export

New export format added: JSON.
Now you can download the data extracted by local extraction or cloud extraction as JSON.



Please also note the following features had been temporarily removed:

  • Smart Mode
  • txt data export


We hope that you are excited to have Octoparse 7.X in your hands and are looking forward to using it and exploring its new features. Octoparse is always working towards a new and better release to provide you the best customer experience.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on your experience, even if it’s just bug reporting. It’s also very important to us as we continue to improve our product and service.

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