Q: How to Edit a Scheduled Scraping Task/Crawler in Octoparse?

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To edit an existing schedule, you need to open a scheduled scraping task. You can: 

1. Find the task in the “My Task” list and open it directly. 

2. Find a scheduled scraping task in "Cloud: Waiting" and "Cloud: Stopped" under the "Task Status" of Octoparse.

All the tasks in "Cloud: Waiting" and the tasks with "Scheduled Execution Time" in "Cloud: Stopped" are scheduled scraping tasks. Double click the task in these task lists to open the task and go to the last step - Done.


After you open the task, go to the last step - Done.

You will see the scheduled status of your task in the “Schedule Cloud Extraction Settings” option.

Click this option to reschedule your tasks.






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