Q: How to copy and paste actions or loop boxes of a workflow in Octoparse?

The updated version of this tutorial (based on the latest webpage) is available now. Go to have a check here! 



How to copy and paste workflow actions between different tasks and within a task between different actions?



You can copy and paste the task by doing one of the following:

1. Select a task in your account.

2. Right click it and choose the “Copy Task”.


Then a copy of the task will automatically generate below the task. No need to paste the task


You can copy and paste a workflow action or a loop box by following the steps below:

1. Select an action or a loop box, right click it and choose the “Copy” option.


2. Then right click one of the actions/loop boxes in the workflow or in a loop box, and choose the “Paste” option.

You will see that the action or loop box you copied is displayed at the end of the workflow or at the end of a loop box if you paste it inside the loop box. See the GIFs below.


When you copy and paste an action:

When you copy and paste a loop box:


Then you will need to drag the copy of the action or the loop box to anywhere in the workflow.





a) If there are no actions/loop boxes in your rule/workflow, you need to right click the Start icon and select the “Paste” option.

b) Octoparse allows you to copy and paste one action/loop box between different tasks and within a task.

c) For a workflow that has many actions or loop boxes, it may take a little for Octoparse to adjust to the change when you paste an action or a loop box. Please wait patiently.

d) Octoparse may give you some tips when you copy and paste some actions/loop boxes. 



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