Q: What it does mean 10 task in the free version or 200 task in the paid version?

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1. Introductions

What is an Octoparse workflow

Octoparse provides a visual operation pane and mimics human web browsing behavior like opening a web page, pointing-and-clicking the web elements, logging into an account, entering a list of text, etc.

Just click the information on the website in the built-in browser and choose the options from the pop-up window, Octoparse will record your operation during the process by adding actions to the workflow automatically. And the process is called configuration. Yes, you are configuring an Octoparse workflow! The screenshot below shows what a workflow looks like in Octoparse. You use an Octoparse workflow to scrape a website, so the workflow could be regarded as a crawler. 


Besides the method above, you can also get a workflow by using our Smart Mode.

With Octoparse smart Mode, you can simply input a URL into the URL address box and ‘SMART’ it. The extraction workflow of Smart Mode is automatically created and it also allows to be edited under Advanced Mode.

Check out this tutorial and know more about Smart Mode.


What is a task in Octoparse

After you complete configuring the workflow and run it to extract the data you want, you have already created a task!

Usually, a workflow represents a task in Octoparse, and one task basically means a crawler that deals with one website.


In most cases, one Octoparse workflow will enable you to extract the data you want from the website. But sometimes, you need to create more than one task if you want to extract large amounts of data from a website.

I can’t ensure that you can scrape a whole website by only one Octoparse task/workflow, because it really depends on the data volume you want to obtain and the difficulty to scrape the website.

Download Octoparse and check out these Octoparse files to see how much data you can obtain from an Octoparse workflow


Scrape Glassdoor.otd



A task in Octoparse means a crawler for scraping data from ONE website with unlimited Page/URL inquiries.

Generally, you can create 10 scraping tasks for scraping 10 websites separately with free version.

With paid version, you are allowed to create more tasks to scrape more websites in Octoparse. Besides, the cloud servers assigned to paid versions help you scrape the web on a large scale simultaneously, based on distributed computing. If you need to scrape 10,000 web pages within a short time without blocking your IP address, then Octoparse cloud service will best fit your needs.


How to create a crawler by making a rule in Octoparse






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