5. Run Your Task


4.1. Cloud Extraction (Cloud Service)

Cloud Extraction means data extraction tasks running in the cloud. You need to configure a rule and upload it to our cloud platform. Then your task will be reasonably assigned to one or multiple cloud servers to extract data simultaneously via central control commands. E.g. You have configured a rule to extract data across pages ( 99 pages in total). Your tasks will be automatically divided into three sections and evenly assigned to three cloud servers to extract data at the same time. In this way, it will only take you one third of the time to extract data from 99% websites.


4.1. 1. Cloud Extraction Interface

. Cloud Extraction allows you to run multiple tasks in the cloud. If there are many tasks running at the same time, use the search bar to find a specific task.



. Cloud Extraction progress of each task.



. Extraction options



. For Cloud Extract , Scheduling Cloud Extraction is allowed.


. Check the Task Status



4.1.2. Avoid IP Being Blacklisted

Cloud Extraction can avoid various errors. You don’t have to worry occasional network interruption any more. When occasional network interruption occurs, cloud servers can resume its work immediately as soon as the network connection is available again. Cloud Extraction avoids IP being blacklisted. Cloud Extraction provides you with a huge number of IP addresses in Professional Edition. Cloud Extraction resolves this issue effectively by assigning your tasks to several cloud servers and speeding up the extraction speed.



4.2. Local Extraction

Local Extraction means running the task on your computer only. Location Extraction only allows two tasks at most to run simultaneously.

Local Extraction Interface



4.2.1. Check out the built-in browser to see if the task runs as expected.



4.2.2. Check out the rule configured.



4.2.3. Extraction Options



. Display error messages during the extraction process.
. Disable the automatic loading of images to speed up the extraction.

. Use IP proxy

. Export the data extracted to your Database, Excel(2007), Excel(2003), TXT, HTML.




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