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What's New about Octoparse 8.4.2?

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Octoparse users, how's your web scraping journey with the software? In late September, version 8.4.2 of the product will be released. Want to know what's new about the coming latest version? Keep reading!


Table of Contents 

1. Zapier integration

2. Scrape while scrolling within a certain section

3. Customize the user agent

4. Backup local data to the cloud

5. Formatting the time stamp

6. Other updates in existing features and the UI


1. Zapier integration 

In version 8.4.2, you can auto-export your cloud data with Zapier to Google Drive, Google Sheet, and more software.

Octoparse x Zapier

Find more information here and have a try.

2. Scrape while scrolling within a certain section 

Take Google Maps as an example. You can enter the webpage and scrape the search results only using this feature in version 8.4.2. The feature can be implemented by setting up the Xpath. Scrape while scrolling within a certain section

3. Customize the user agent

You can change the user agent string and the user agent name on browsers when using version 8.4.2 to scrape data.


To understand how user agents work, this article can be helpful: How to Change User Agents in Chrome, Edge, Safari & Firefox

4. Backup local data to the Cloud 

This feature used to be available for enterprise users only. In the new 8.4.2 version, it is open to users with professional plans as well.

5. Formatting the timestamp 

This feature is mainly designed for scraping social media platforms. Converting the timestamp of the posts to date is available in version 8.4.2.


6. Other updates in existing features and the UI

With the updates, version 8.4.2 will be more stable and convenient to use compared to former versions. 


Don't hesitate to contact us at support@octoparse.com or submit a ticket here if you have any questions. The customer service team will be ready to help you as always. Wish you an even happier scraping then!


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