Introducing the new Octoparse 8.4

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Welcome to the new version 8.4 of Octoparse. Isn’t it exciting? Let me walk you through and take a look at the latest version 8.4!

#1 More intuitive to use with the new layout 

In this version, the workflow is switched from the left to the right side. This makes it more efficient to edit the workflow while looking at the built-in browser. Next, the new outlook combines the designs from the previous version with an advanced setting area sitting at the corner. Compared with the previous version which had them hidden inside gear icons under each action, the new look has more room which makes it easier for users to define the actions. 

In addition, you can even choose the views by switching horizontally or vertically. The horizontal view lets you view the data row by row together, whereas the vertical view will preview a specific line and see all the data fields vertically. This view is helpful when you need to edit a batch of data fields at the same time.

#2 Optimized Rendering Engine

With continuous improvement, Octoparse 8.4 is like an almighty browser that allows you to switch between the most popular engines for different websites.

For instance, Chrome is more compatible with sites like Google Maps. Whereas, Firefox consumes less memory and performs best on FTP sites. If you encounter a problem displaying the webpage, you can always switch to other engines from the setting area.  

Octoparse 8.4 implements the Webview technique inside the browser which shows an excellent ability of antifreeze. The page frozen issues have been fixed in the latest update with robust compatibility. 

In addition, the browser now allows users to interact with partial web content. For example, you may find it difficult to scrape from Google Maps as it has very dynamic scrolling techniques for partial-page content instead of the entire page.

Click here to scrape while scrolling within a certain section 

#3 Integration

With the new version, You can use Zapier to integrate Octoparse with thousands of apps like Google Drive, Google Sheets, Slack, and many more. This allows you to achieve automation without using complex API calls and you can even share the data with your team members at any time.

Find more information here and have a try.

#4 Other tutorial of new updates

Formatting the timestamp 

This feature is mainly designed for scraping social media platforms. Converting the timestamp of the posts to date is now available in version 8.4.

Backup local data to the Cloud 

This feature used to be available for enterprise users only. The new 8.4.2 version is open to users with professional plans as well.

Customize the user agent

You can change the user agent string and the user agent name on browsers when using version 8.4.2 to scrape data.

Learn about how to Add a custom User Agent in OP 8.4

Alright, it is not the end. Check out our 8.4 video to have a straight view and detailed information about the new version!

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@octoparse.com if you have any questions. The customer service team will be ready to help you as always. Wish you an even happier scraping experience then!

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