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How to Scrape Real-Time Data

Thursday, June 10, 2021

The modern world is all about technology and how we make the most of it; scraping data in real-time is just one of this tech-driven world's revolutionary aspects. We are about to tell you how you can take your business to the next level by indulging in scraping real-time data. The amount of data available online is vast, and it's constantly changing; hence, keeping at par with these changes is essential if you want to stay relevant in this competitive world. Inadequate or incorrect information should not be the reason behind your failure, and we will tell you how to scrape real-time data and increase your accuracy.


Many new or small business owners ask what is scraping data in real-time and how it can benefit them. Let us answer these basic FAQs to clear out the confusion.


Table of Contents

What is web scraping?

How can one scrape real-time data?

Octoparse: the powerful web scraping software


What is web scraping?

Web scraping is an automated process that tends to gather information from the website and transfers it to various spreadsheets and databases. It is the fastest data extracting method concerning processing web page information, and it is best suited for constantly altering data like stock prices, coronavirus cases, weather forecasts, etc. Real-time web scraping makes it extremely easy to keep up with these changes and has gained immense popularity in the modern world. The question that remains unanswered is, how can one scrape real-time data? What are the requirements, and how does one go about it?


How can one scrape real-time data?

Now, let me answer that. Both programmers and non-programmers can easily extract Real-time data. Programmers scrape real-time data by writing their own crawler/scraper, knowing the specific content requirement, language, etc. Another catch here is that the scraper that you just developed may not work in a week, so there is a constant requirement to fix the bugs, which can be costly. Let’s be real; employing a programmer for a new or small business is not entirely feasible as it is expensive. So how do these small businesses cope in this pool of large, continually changing data? The best way to go about it is by using existing and pre-made real-time data scraping tools and software. Pre-made web scraping tools allow you to extract data that is relevant and download specific web pages. This can include a list of products available and their prices, availability, and other essential information. Their automated feature tends to give them a massive edge as they can easily detect web structures, fetch data, parse the HTML, and integrate all this in your database. They have grown quite popular over time, and why wouldn't they as they are pocket-friendly, and they also tend to save a massive chunk of time.


We have now established the importance of web scraping and the benefits of using a data extraction tool. Next, we need to decide which data extraction tool has to be used as there is an influx of these tools and software in the market. The only way to choose the right one for you is to know what you require. Real-time data can be extracted by either using a web extension that is a small plugin your browser but has limited features, and the security aspect is also uncertain. The data extraction software is your other option. It has to be installed in the system and is ideal when dealing with sensitive data due to its modern, advanced features.  


Numerous data scraping software is there like ScrapingBee, ScrapingBot, Scraper API, etc. However, let me tell you about our favorite web scraping software out there- Octoparse. 


I am sure all other software is good, but Octoparse has some exceptional qualities that give it an edge over the others. It is phenomenal for large-scale real-time data scraping from multiple web sources. We can guarantee that every small business will benefit from its unique features, as it is not your average scraper. It transcends most tools with its wide-ranging tools.


The prebuilt extraction modules are not bound to any complex configurations and tend to fetch results immediately. It covers all significant websites, whether it's social media, e-Commerce, etc. It accommodates everyone as it has three different modes that cater to beginners, season pros, and custom scrapers to acquire their required data and information quickly and instantly. It has extensive and all-encompassing features like RegEx editing, task scheduling, JSON scraping, etc. to take your real-time scraping to the next level.  


Octoparse: the powerful web scraping software

Using Octoparse, you can even extract data from Ad-heavy pages as its exceptional Ad-block features handle that issue. It tends to imitate a human while scraping data from various websites and allows us to run the extracted information on your system or the cloud. Another edge-cutting feature of Octoparse is that it exports all kinds of scraped data, including CSV, TXT, HTML, and even Excel formats. All the templates in Octoparse are extremely user-friendly, so there is no need for an expert programmer; data can easily be available through a few mouse clicks without spending a dime.


At the end of the day, it is the decision that you make, considering what is best for your business and its growth and flourishment. Therefore, you can explore all the different software available to help you scrape data in real-time but let us give you one suggestion before we end this article. Go and download Octoparse, explore its features, and know why we think it is the best web scraping software, and decide for yourself. It is free and readily available online, so go and get ready to be blown!




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