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How to Extract Data from Social Websites

Thursday, April 28, 2022

In this article, I'm going to show you how to extract data from social website. (Facebook) If you're thinking sentiment analysis and would like to use one or two more techniques, you may find it useful. Let's get started!


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This is the Octoparse support team.

This tutorial is out-of-date now :'( and we have a brand new step-by-step guide here : ) Scrape Data from Facebook (click here to take off) This upgraded guide makes it easier for you to get Facebook data online. Don't hesitate to try!



1. Click “Start”to build a new task, or hit the “Quick start” button in Navigation Panel and "Create a new task".( Here we use Advanced Mode.)



2. Set basic information. Give your task a name and save it to a category. Then click “next”.


3.  Sign in your Facebook in the build-in browser. Click the textbox and select “enter text value”. Type in your account and password in the input box under “Customize Current Action” and click “save” button.


4. Click on “Log in” button and choose “click an item”.


5. Once you’ve logged in your Facebook, click the group which you want to extract data from. Choose “click an item”.


6. Click on “Members” and choose “Click a item”


7. Create a list of item. (We know that information such as email, address is on “About” page. So we need to get into this link by creating a list of items.) Click on the first detail link and select“create a list of item” . Click “Add current item to the list”.


8.“Continue to edit the list“. Click on the second, third detail link. Add current item to the list again.Then “Finish creating list”.


9. Click "loop" to process the list. 


10. Now we are on the detail page. But we need the information on “About" page. So click on "About" page link. Choose“ Click an item".


11. Finally we're on the "about" page. Next, extract data. Click on information you want to extract. And select "Extract text".


Octoparse will extract the data automatically and show in the Data Extraction panel. You can also see the configuration rule of the task.Export the results to Excel files, or other database formats and save the file to the computer.


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