Q: Why I couldn’t create a loop for pagination even if I expand the selection area of the element(the Next Page link)?




In this case, you can create a loop for pagination manually.

Please follow the steps listed below. (Note example link: http://venture-capital-firms.findthecompany.com/)

1. Drag a 'Loop' Item and drop it into the workflow designer.

2. When the page stop loading, click on 'Next' button and choose the 'Click Item' action.

3. Copy the XPath of the 'Click Item'.

(Select 'Click Item' ➜ Select 'Customization' ➜ Select 'Define ways way to locate an item' ➜ Copy the Matching XPath(//DIV[@class='next stnd-btn']))

4. Drag the 'Click Item' and drop it into the'Loop Item’.

5. Select 'Loop Item' ➜ Select 'Single element' of 'Loop Mode' ➜ Paste the XPath copied into the textbox under the Loop Mode options. ➜ Click ’Save'.

6. Select 'Click Item' ➜ Check the ‘Click items in Loop Item' ➜ Click ‘Save'.

7. Select 'Customization' ➜ Select 'Define ways way to locate an item' ➜ Paste the Matching XPath(//DIV[@class='next stnd-btn']) ➜ Click ‘Save'.

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