Are you looking for Octoparse Standard Edition for FREE?

8/4/2016 11:21:35 PM

Hey there,

How’s going with Octoparse? I hope you got a chance to check out all the cool features in Octoparse.

Now that you are signed up with us, I am thrilled to share information with you about a special opportunity to get a 5-day free trial of Octoparse Standard Edition!


“Like” our Facebook page and get a free trial of the Standard Edition if you are satisfied with Octoparse and have exported data from Octoparse.



Some of the benefits of the Standard Edition:

          .  100 tasks you can set up for data extraction

          .  4 cloud servers

          .  4 times extraction speed

          .  Avoid your server IP being blacklisted

          .  Create APIs

          .  Cloud Service: Schedule to extract data as frequently as you like

          .  Dedicated support from support team



With a simple Like, you can get all of these! Got excited? Better act fast!

We don't require a credit card to get you started, you will get 5 days for zero cost and at the end of that time you can decide if you like it enough to pay, or you can allow the account to automatically downgrade itself to free.


After liking our page, don’t forget to leave your email on Facebook “Message” to let me put you on the free trial.



Good luck,

Support Team

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